Air New Zealand, Qantas, Jetstar and Virgin join forces

this is not a new alliance but collaboration on some issues facing these airlines. The main issues are the amount airports are charging for the airports service.


may you elaborate on your post?

giving a article and 1 setence isn’t very helpful.


All my favourite Airlines all in on collaboration!

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Nice move, our airlines do need improvement unfortunately. I’ve been wanting these airlines to join forces for a long time! Maybe there will be such thing as an Australian/New Zealand airline alliance to compete against other internationally based airlines flying to our destinations?


What improvements do you think?

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Just look at the rating and you’ll know what I mean
There’s even a website set up about people’s bad experience with Jetstar, which I absolutely hate seeing even created
And for a national icon, Qantas is disgraceful
Yet another example
Jetstar and Virgin Australia Fined over Hidden Fees

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Maybe a good idea alot of competition in nz from Chinese and middle eastern airlines due to he fact nz has no restrictions on new airlines

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