Air New Zealand named airline of the year by Airline Ratings

  • They also won best premium economy

  • Emirates won best inflight entertainment

  • Ethiad won best first class

BTW it is no bias it has a group of international experts. If anything the other Airline ratings websites are bais because they do not mention Air New Zealand because they are small airline. there are many people who dont believe it in the comments if you have even flown Air New Zealand you will know they are a very good airline.


Judging that the site is call ‘The West Australian’, I would rather call this Airline of the year that serves Australia!


Don’t think so it says international experts

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Then why as Air New Zealand won it for 4 years in a row?


have you flown them? Airlines from other areas of the world won other awards

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No, just saying there may be a bias.

IMHO by the way


quite like this site…thanks

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If your claim is true than Qantas would be winning. I know a bit about this organization and it’s range is worldwide. All g! :)


I’ve flown Air new Zealand 4 times (on there B789,B773 and the A320) there nice but not great.Dirty planes, food not that nice. Gotta say British airways and Singapore are a lot better.

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I’ve flown them atleast 100 times and flown many other airlines and never seen dirty seats if you go on the short haul A320 I admit they are old but being replaced by A320-neo/Airbus A321-neo but the domestic A320 are brand new.

Of course not every single flight experience is guaranteed to be great on any airline as sometimes things are not perfect every time. But I notice these mistakes seem to be more common on over airlines I have flown.

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did you know aussie are competitive with kiwis so they would not give them award if they did not deserve it.

Glad to see Air NZ as the airline of the year, might be an Aussie but good on the Kwis for winning it

You didn’t have to reply with the exact same message twice :/

This site has some western bias. It takes stars off for Russian planes. No idea why they’re unsafe when some Il-62M’s are rated for 50 years of operation when most major airlines sell their Boeing’s and Airbuses after under 20 years


They are considernd unsafe because many of them in operation are old no matter what type of aircraft the older the more unsafe and harder to maintain as there are many old Il-62 planes ofcourse the safety rating will be lower. Another reason is these planes are not very modern and are rarely used outside of the USA and Russia.

sorry mistake lol

Then a new Su-100 would be “russian” and a star would be removed.
Even then they are maintained well. None of Air Koryo’s crashes were due to mechanical failure

this is really good for ANZ. well back to my old user avatar!

i know these aircraft are good aircraft but compared to the new Boeing/Airbus the are no where near as good. Its not bias against Russia but the fact the planes are not as good as new boeing/airbus theres a reason why the worst ranked airline (on multiple websites/reviews) uses these aircraft. If the same aircraft was made by USA the star would still be removed as well. I think the aircraft are good but compared to new aircraft from Boeing and Airbus they are a bit behind.

They always do. But I definitely expected Qantas to get the catering award!