Air New Zealand Link Beechcraft 1900D (All Blacks)

As the push for more smaller, regional aircraft continued, I figured that the All Blacks Beechcraft 1900D would make a great fit with the other Beech 1900s that others have suggested. Almost like the “little brother” to the 777-300ER we already have in IF, I figured this would be the perfect complement and would look especially nice with its shiny, all-black livery – something about it just looks sharp and refined.



That’s soo cute! Shame I’m out of votes :(

I love Air NZ!


Great idea, sadly Air NZ no longer operate these aircraft as they weren’t making any money from them


Wouldn’t it be possible to get at least 1 plane with the original AirNewZealand livery… allways black black black is boring…

We do have the white 777-300ER and 787-9…

They are still black. I mean the greenish livery if you see which one I am talking about

That’s not the normal livery.

Oh wow, I can’t believe they released the Beechcraft in the new livery! It looks great, but the aircraft looks a bit old.

I don’t think personally I’d ever enjoy actually flying that aircraft but for the new zealend livery I would. Just for the pain job I’d fly in it haha. Nice request man.

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If I wasn’t out of votes, I’d vote for it

I’ve seen two All Black livery requests this morning! Seem there’s a small Air NZ trend ;)
Nice request by the way, I’d love to see this in Infinite Flight!

pulled a vote off another request…this is an awesome little request!!!

@Freddiefrogs @RedarPhel That’s the old livery – the new one (black and white) was launched in 2013:

As a push for smaller aircraft… Im putting this back up on top! :)

Good request you have my vote.


I can’t believe they switched to a different livery, the all blacks is my favorite livery ever.

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They kept it on some of the smaller regional aircraft and others but I miss it too… But the black tail still looks nicer then the bluish green tail! :)


Would be cool to have his old regional aircraft in Infinite Flight