Air New Zealand Line-up at Queenstown

Maybe a storm was brewing, but for some reason Air New Zealand needed to get all of its planes out of Queenstown pronto on Thursday.

Imagine my delight to discover that IFATC folks had opened Wellington and Queenstown as well as Auckland! I hopped into a Dash 8 and was amazed to discover quite a line up of Air New Zealand A320s holding for the runway… This is an often desolate place for aircraft, although always exciting for the scenery!

Expert Server / a local flight out over the mountains then the GPS approach back to Rwy 05. Thanks to the ever helpful Centre / Tower / Ground controllers for their services 😊

Front row for the performance :

A new arrival :

The ramp at Queenstown gives a ringside view

The last of the Line-up backtracks, my turn next

Circling climb around the airport

Touchdown, great to see that the Qantas flight has come in

And we manage to squeeze past each other as Qantas gets runway clearance

Thanks for taking a look 😉

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


Super Cool !

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Nice Pics thinking about doing a flight soon from Queenstown to Auckland with JetStar :)

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A great route! I like to track more west over the alps, using Mt Cook and Nelson airports as way points… Then over the strait towards New Plymouth. Great views all around.