Air New Zealand Gets In-flight WiFi

Soon Air New Zealand aircraft will now have in-flight WiFi for Domestic and International flights. Another big step in Air New Zealand’s Airline industry!

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A little late it seems. Most US airlines have wifi. jetBlue has free wifi on their flights, and directv, which is the best combo ever.

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Very new for pacific airlines, I mean qantas and virgin both have a system that uses the WIFI network, but you can only access their app to stream IFE with it.


Same with virgin, free on demand and music as well.


Well it’s the first airline in NZ to have wifi


Southwest counts also? Free shows and live tv

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Venezuelan airlines only have that public screen that is on the ceiling of the cabin, some don’t even have that :(

All they need now is outlets at every seat, like American’s newer 737-800s.


You’ll need free wifi and TV when you’re stuck on the tarmac for 7 hours with JetBlue :-)

I kid, they’re still a good airline.

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Is it metered just like most New Zealand Internet?

Virgin Australia has WiFi on all aircraft already, for free. Qantas is getting free WiFi on their 787s.

Massive step for Air NZ, massive step for the Oceanic aviation region. Air NZ has become the first airline based is AUS or NZ to offer inflight internet, @anon31652286 Virgin offers WiFi but only works if you use there inflight entertainment app (i.e you can’t check Facebook mid flight) massive step for Air NZ, now can we get it on Virgin and Qantas 737’s

Yeah, makes sense

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