Air New Zealand Flight No. 1980

ANZ1980 (chartered flight) departed Dunedin Airport on last Friday, March 24 to give their high paying passengers a view of the Aurora Australis or more commonly known as the Southern Stars. The plane used was a soon-to-be retired Boeing 767. There were 134 seats available and all those seats got sold out in the span of five days. This shows the magnitude of this flight and how much of a big deal it is.

The Aurora Australis is less commonly photographed compared to its counterpart, Aurora Borealis or the Northern Stars.

The plane went from Dunedin Airport to the edge of Antartica at around 60 degrees latitude south (give or take). The flight offered 5 hours of viewing pleasure of the Southern Stars. ’

This flight proved to be a great success and is expected to happen again next year with a much larger plane.


Flight Information:


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Aparwntly I was on an Emirates flight back in 2011/2013 and we saw these lights, well I didn’t, because my parents wouldn’t wake me up!


Someone I know is a pilot, and he has actually flown through the northern lights!


My grandparents were on that flight, which could possibly be their last 😉 (which is why they did it). I’ll try and steal some photos of their phones… wish me luck 😂


It was a 767-300ER and it will be retired soon

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yep next year they said they will do it again with airbus a320 or 787-9

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so i guess you were flying to usa then because the plane goes over north pole for most flights from middle east to usa?

wonder why they dont tell the passengers before the flight they would be able to charge extra $500 properly lol

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Dubai to San Fransico, back when they operated that route with the 777-200LR. Haven’t flown with them since.

that’s a nice, long polar flight

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Polar flights…my favourite! Saw these on EK226…

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It would probs be a 787-9 as the A320 may not have the required range

ANZ is looking for a larger plane compared to the 767

787-9… would be the aircraft

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