Air New Zealand deciding between 777x and A350

Qatar flies the longest route in the world already with the 777-200, Doha - Auckland

With your logic anyone with a PPL for a prop aircraft should qualify for a multi engine jet aircraft CPL without going through any sort of training. Child do your research. Emirates uses a SR22 for basic flight training then Phenom 100s for multi engine jet training and then simulators for type and aircraft certification. And a common type rating is more than just knowing the flight physics of the aircraft but also, and more importantly, the instrument layout in the cockpit, troubleshoot sequencing, emergency procedures and ground op procedures.

I hope they’ll chose the a350.

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I don’t care which plane they’ll purchase, the livery will be great in both planes.

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Pros for 777:

  • Pilots are type rated
  • It has folding wings… cool I guess?

Pros for A350:

  • it is a much nicer airplane, sleek and modern
  • Very efficient
  • Much better flight system (Boeing would let the plane crash, Airbus would stop in)
  • Quicker deliveries
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What if a problem happened and the wing didn’t fold?..

I hope they choose the A350 because it’s Better in my opinion.

Not really ;)

Yes, agreed.

Anyways, let’s not get too off-topic…

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Probably the 777

Then the aircraft wouldn’t be flying or just be stuck on the ground without a gate that suffices for its wingspan 😂

The 777X interior is not unveiled yet, there may be updates.

In terms of trip costs? Certainly. Seat mile costs? I wouldn’t be too sure.

Alpha protection isn’t God, there are cases where pilots need to push the plane to the limits in an emergency situation. There are pros and cons to both approaches, but not everything can be solved using alpha protection as you alluded to above.

Kinda? Both planes are kinda backlogged, NZ doesn’t need planes in a hurry.


–ends up choosing A330neo–

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Get the 77X NZ, remember, Boeings are Better!

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I don’t see why not if it makes LAX-AKL westbound in the winter without hitting payload limits and/or excessive tankering.

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Then it just wouldn’t be parked at a gate. The wingtips only fold to let all 777Xs park at existing 777 airports.

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777X all the way baby wohooooo!

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Mate 777X is also extremely efficient


All lies all lies. Where did you get the fact

“Boeings will crash?”

“Airbus aren’t nicer, although they are tied with Boeing”

“777 is much more fuel efficient”

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Ends up choosing the 747-8i

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hahahaha lol, i would crack up