Air New Zealand Boeing 787-9 "All Blacks"

We already have this livery on the 777-300ER but on the 787-? It looks amazing:image


I like the 787 all black livery more than 777 all black Livery


I like it! But don’t you think Its a bit late to request 787 liveries when the update is already out? Maybe the devs will add more liveries in the future.


Yea i know, they didnt add liveries requested before anyways

That’s weird, I thought this was already requested before. This most be a fanta sea ;) LOL

It was requested a tonne more than the normal version from what I can recall

What!! The update is out???

For android

Oh??!!! But I have an iOS 😭😭😭😭

So do I;( but the update will be out in a few days!

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That looks really good😁😁

LOVE lT. Just amazing

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Hopefully this will come in another hot fix update, since the IF livery is coming

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I love it! 😊


Yep this is a very cool (and Black😂) Livery

Love the all blacks livery on all aircraft

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It’s not racist. ANZ have the all blacks livery because the livery is based on a rugby union sport in New Zealand. ANZ is probably the sponsor of The New Zealand national rugby union team, or nicknamed as “All Blacks,” because rugby union sport is New Zealand’s national sport. Since Air New Zealand is obviously a New Zealand airline, that’s why the All Blacks livery is painted on some of their fleets.


The IF Livery is coming out on the HotFix? If so when is the hotfix? Before Global?

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Ohh I like the all blacks livery!

Looks better than the normal white I want

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