Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER | UPDATED "All Blacks" Livery

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300ER | “All Blacks” Livery
Hey IFC!
Today I have a feature request for the new Air New Zealand 777-300ER All Blacks Livery! I have decided to create this request after the announcement that the 777-300ER will be the next aircraft reworked in the 777 family. This livery differs from the current All Blacks livery we have by having a more simplistic design, with only two ferns being featured along the fuselage of the aircraft.
Important Aircraft Information

Registration: ZK-OKQ
Airline: Air New Zealand
Aircraft: Boeing 777-319ER
Entered Service: December 2011 (8 Years Old)
Most recent flight: NZAA - YMML (ANZ123)

Image credit
Photographer: Michael Walter

This aircraft has had quite an interesting life after first coming out of Everett. As soon as it was built, work began on painting it in an black colour scheme for Air New Zealand. This was completed in early 2012, and it was flown to New Zealand. This aircraft at the time, was the largest commercial plane that was completely black I’m not sure if it still is. This is the livery that we have in Infinite Flight at the moment, however I am requesting the new livery, that was painted on in May 2016. Since then this livery has been a regular all over the world, but its main destinations include Melbourne, Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

Information about the Boeing 777-300ER

Information about Air New Zealand

Why is it called “All Blacks”?

The All Blacks are New Zealand's national rugby union team, and ANZ are official sponsors of them, hence the name. Recently Air New Zealand went through a campain called "Crazy about Rugby" during the 2019 Rugby World Cup, which shows how commited ANZ is towards this sport. The All Blacks livery is also featured on one of every aircraft in Air New Zealand's fleet. These include the 787-9, 777-200ER, A320, ATR-72 and Q-300.

What would happen to the current All Blacks livery?
Because the livery we have in IF at the moment is exactly the same aircraft that has the livery in real life, I think it could be possible to simply change the liveries. Remove the one we have now and add in the new one.

Why I believe this should be added
I think that having this livery in the sim would make people fly in or out of New Zealand more, and therefore making this region more popular. It would also give the chance to people who like to fly ultra realistic, to replicate this aircraft’s movements around the world. And also, just look at it! Why wouldn’t you want it in the sim? Additionally, with the recent announcement of the 77W being reworked, now would be the perfect time!
This post was Mod approved, there were no previous requests for the updated livery. All sources are linked below.

I think we already have this livery in Infinite Flight

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Not this specific livery, the one we have in IF at the moment is the old one, I am requesting the new one :)

What’s the difference between this and the old one lol, just wondering because they look the same

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Here’s a photo of the old one! I think he means by the letters that are different @NoahM


You can look it up if u want, they look quite different :)

Nice request!

I’m all for new ANZ liveries being added, New Zealand is such a beautiful country to fly in!
Small, but definitely significant changes to the one we have in IF, hope to see this added!

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was confused at first now i see it

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Cheers mate :)

during the development of the B772 the IF said that just like the aircraft the liverys would be updated, looking here quickly the livery we have in the IF is the ZK-OKQ, which in reality is the same as your request, probably the IF will update them as the real is today, so I don’t know if this request is necessary, this is what I think


Not just the font, the design of the rear of the aircraft is way different in the new one than the old one.

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Oh I didn’t see that, I just want to make sure I suppose 😂

here it was said

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Oh well, mods can choose if they want to close this then

It also looks like the tail is different. But I think the liveries are too similar for a dev to make a new one


I was thinking maybe they could remove the one we have now in IF and just have this one

But does aircraft with the old livery still operate??

Yes but with this livery that I’m requesting

ZK-OKQ in its delivery Year wearing the first Version of the All blacks Livery in support of World champions (Of 2011-2019) at the time it wore the fern with a grey fern around the white one.

The new fresh updated All Blacks Livery now seen on Every Aircraft type Except the A320-NEO which the A321-NEO (ZK-NNA) wears for the family.


given that the american B772s were updated to the current liveries, I think it’s a safe bet (hopefully) that this beautiful livery will be updated as well :)

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