Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER 'Pacific Wave' Livery

Hello Community,
Today I present to you the Air New Zealand ‘Pacific Wave’ Livery!

About Air New Zealand image

Air New Zealand is the national carrier of New Zealand with flights to places like Papeete (Faaa Intl), Los Angeles, Sydney, Vancouver and Houston. The airline operates the 777-200ER on the Auckland - Houston, Auckland - Faaa (French Polynesia), among other major airports and destinations.

About The Livery

The livery is the old Air New Zealand livery and is now a ‘special’ livery on their Boeing 777-200ER. The plane operates the route from Auckland to Papeete, Tahiti. It’ll sometimes do other routes but that’s the route it usually operates.

Why should it be added?

I think it should be added as it is a beautiful livery that goes well with the plane its on. It would give some more realism to the game and would be a reason for the Kiwi’s to celebrate a new livery for their beautiful country.

What do you think of the livery? Should it be added? You can show me and the developers what you think by voting or telling me in the comments!

Happy Flying,

Photo Credit

File:Boeing 777-219ER ZK-OKA Air New Zealand (7031891827).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

Nice request, just make sure to remember, always provide credit when the image used does not belong to you 😜


Oh yeah. Forgot about that.

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Love the Pacific Wave… got my vote


I’ll vote. Great livery and needs to be added. Saw this one recently at NZCH, it was doing a Auckland-Christchurch route as it does a couple of times a week.


i live right in the flight path over the domestic routes and I love seeing the 777 fly over my house at such a low altitude


Is that at NZAA or NZCH?

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I was in a 772 from Christchurch to Auckland few weeks ago.

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I like the pacific wave livery better than the present one.

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Where does it depart from in the domestic terminal at NZCH. I didn’t think there was a stand big enough for a 777 in the domestic area, or does it go from a remote stand?

Usually departs from Gate 26 at the International Terminal - passengers must be let through somehow!

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Ah. Cool Thanks. I’d always wondered that

I believe it’s a remote stand Just like in Auckland

Nah it’s not a remote stand in Christchurch it’s in the international terminal. Which from memory was easy to access from domestic.

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I’ve only ever boarded one aircraft from a remote stand at NZCH. It was parked where the NASA plane is parked at the moment. The international terminal was full at the time.


We need this livery, so pleased I found this page. We also need the Air New Zealand B747-400 Pacific Wave Livery.

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Bump because this baby’s about to be retired

Just gonna bump this. haha

bump for the 777 rework xD

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Love the pacific wave such a simple beautiful livery

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