Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER Livery request

I’m a huge fan of Air New Zealand and love seeing them fly over everyday, here in Christchurch. Air New Zealand does a random flight using their B777-219(ER) from Auckland to Christchurch (1:05 min FT) and frequently flying it from Auckland to Honolulu, Hong Kong, Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Fiji, Apia, Tonga, Rarotonga, Vancouver, LA, Houston, Buenos Aires. Some of these routes vary in aircraft operation between their 777-300 & 787-9, and some only operate the 777-200 like Honolulu, Buenos Aires and Vancouver. It just would be good to have some variations.
Photo credits: Magnus Nixon | Flickr(photos by @Steeze_NZ )

Hey 👋 please refer to this link

Also you need to provide picture credits and one feature request is only allowed

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Also , this is a duplicate Air New Zealand 777-200ER (Black Beauty Livery)

Sorry, I wasn’t to sure if someone had already asked for this livery. I did try and search for another post requesting this livery (Air New Zealand) but I couldn’t find, But thanks for that anyway.

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I was requesting the All Black Livery

I tried searching for posts requesting this livery but I couldn’t find any I was searching for about 30 minutes.