Air New Zealand (B789) Trip Report

Hey everyone, not too long ago I flew on Air New Zealand’s 787 All Blacks Livery:


Every 787 that I have been on has been a dream (no pun intended). They’ve had great service, smooth flight etc. And this one was no exception. My seat was 39K

I flew from NZAA (Auckland) to YSSY (Sydney) A short 3hr flight.

Before flight

Here are a few images before flight:

(Finally caught a good photo of an A350 and a Generic 737 which I found interesting)
Our plane was delayed an hour because it had a full electrical failure, so the technicians got on the problem and fixed it. I really couldn’t care less about delays at the airport, I love looking around the airport etc.

First Impressions

This was the first time I have flown on ANZ’s Dreamliner, so it looked really nice. Since I prebooked the seats for my family (I book the flights, getting the best aircraft airlines and seats) and I am part of Airpoints (Air New Zealand’s Frequent flier program) the seats were personalised to us. Even though it was only Economy. An example:

I booked the Economy skycouch Seat, it does cost a very little extra. It gives you a lot more legroom and you can extend the leg rests out and it creates the “Skycouch”. Here’s an image:

The windows on the 787 are large, they also have no shades, just a tinting. Which is controlled by a button underneath the window.

The flight attendants were really nice, and had that Maori touch.


The inflight entertainment was great, a really wide range of things to do, and heaps of movies (even though I never watch movies on a plane, I just stare out the window) The Flight Map was interactive, so you could zoom in and out. Just like google earth it was.
Probably the best thing was you could order food and drink right off your screen (some free some paid).



The dinner was standard Economy food, not amazing, but definitely not bad. The ice cream was nice though for desert.

I was still hungry after that because I didn’t eat before the flight. So I just ordered off my screen, great experience.

In Seat power

Just wanted to through this in there, as I thought it was cool, you had your own power which suited almost every power plug type in the world, so if you had one from America you could plug it in there.


Overall this was my favourite flight I have ever flown, everything added up made this a great experience If you’re going on a route soon that is also provided by Air New Zealand I really recommend it. I also very highly recommend getting the Economy Skycouch for $10NZD extra. It’s definitely worth it. Especially on long hauls. KLAX-NZAA for example


damn 10nzd for that sky couch
idk about others are gonna think but that’s an absolute steal


But man is that 787 pretty, pretty nice as well (no pun) but you’re lucky to fly on that thing!


How the heck is it only 10 bucks extra for another two seats?

Really it’s about $7 USD! Such a steal!

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Great report! Pretty cool you got to fly the All-Blacks livery. I’m still confused, does that mean you have to book three tickets to get the sky couch?

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No 😂, you buy your regular seat and then you can upgrade that seat, only that seat. It’ll give you a leg rest, just for that seta. You can purchase all for yourself if you like (it’s cheaper if you buy 3 fro the Skycouch than buying 3 normally_

Well, yes, but it’s cheaper than purchasing a single seat 3 times, they’ve put kind of an offer on it. I just went with my family so we shared the space because we had 3 seats in a row

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Hahaha love the SkyCouch picture!

Obviously its an add-on to the base cost. Why is it 10 dollars though? On U.S. legacies you are paying $80 USD for an extra 2 inches of legroom on a 2 hour flight.

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Wow, that’s expensive, yeah, you get quite a fair few more inches of legroom as well as a leg rest and the ability to convert it into a lie flat bed (if no one is sitting next to you or you purchased the ‘neighbor free guarantee’)

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We paid $250 for 4 people to all upgrade for a flight between LAX and Auckland. I’m sure it’s based on time then.

Nice report Tané! I love seeing reports like these, uplifting. Keep up the good work 👍🏼😉

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Amazing ANZ trip report. I had the skycouch on the 777-200ER from Auckland to Honolulu. Best deal ever.

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