Air New Zealand B777-300ER (White Fern Livery)

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Yes it is. They made it the standard a couple years ago. If you look at the ANZ A320, it has this same livery, ANZ is just slow to paint their planes it seems, so many are still in the old teal-tail livery.

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I think only the 777-200 looks like that, the 777-300 is the All blacks liverie

Which still looks beautiful

Don’t we have this?

I wouldn’t mind both liveries, they look so beautiful!

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Honestly whether full black or this, they’re still awesome!

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This is nice I like the fern. Air New Zealand has a lot of different livery colors.

I won’t disagree with you on that!

We have already a ANZ livery for 77W i think it s enough. We need more liveries for 77W,but other liveries are important than this offer. May be future when we have 35-40 livery for each plane…

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This request isn’t for that many of liveries. I already included the option of having both in the poll :)

Congrats bro,Matt confirmed your suggestion on Instsgram

Photo here


I just read this confirm next time adding you must be jumping happy


Thanks so much Matt!!!

You’d better not tag him… Later people kpkb you tag Matt lol

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Lel Gaza airlines

Anyways this livery is simply breathtaking… Black and white may be boring but not when it’s placed carefully!

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