Air New Zealand ATR 72-600

Before you say “Duplicate”, the old one was closed.
This is a beautiful livery on a beautiful aircraft. Air NZ’s livery is definitely one of my favourites, and if the ATR 72 is ever added, this is a must.



The Air NZ livery looks really nice on the the ATR


The old one was nice, but this one is WAAAY nicer!

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One without the box around the reg would look so much nicer.

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Yep, it isn’t part of the livery - just there for delivery

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This’ll be great in Global 😱, I would also like it to include the blue tail one. 🙃


Vote it for it then, instead of a useless bump.

Did you really think that I was bumping it??? Cause I wasn’t, I was expressing how I feel about the aircraft and global… dealwithit

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You also mentioned about another livery, and made the vibe of the conversation much better. There’s nothing wrong with this.

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Best looking turboprop👍👍


I’ll try free up a vote. I love the ATR-72-600 and 500 sooooooo x10000 much (spam). Especially Air New Zealand.

Yes Sorry i Arlready have a vote for somthing like this but ye its so nice i see them every day why i live in New Zealand an they are aways at my airport good pick

You have a vote