Air New Zealand Antarctica Route

I’m looking to do an Antarctic sightseeing flight on the Air New Zealand DC-10, anyone know where I can get historically accurate routes, altitudes, flight numbers etc? And the scheduled time as well.


C17 land at NZFX

It’s really hard to receive any data from flights over a 10 years ago like you are asking. Try to find some Yt videos and see if they mentions any of the above.

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I think it’s only from Auckland with a Christchurch stopover then sightseeing around Antarctica I don’t really know the call signs so maybe go for NZ9–

Heres the article of the expedition trip that Air New Zealand is putting on in march next year.

Sad ending, but here’s the flight I believe you’re looking for. Plenty of information there, including the flight number - TE901


Well, I did an essay on the 1978 Erebus disaster, the flight number was TE901, Im not sure what cruise altitude, probably just a normal one such as FL350 would do. I have a chart but I’m not sure how accurate it is. TE901 departed at 8:30am from Auckland Airport.

The one on the right is the procedure that the sightseeing flight would take. The one to the left is the one that the aircraft involved in the Erebus disaster took. The flight usually flew at 6000ft so that passengers could get a good view, but the pilots were permitted to go as low as 2000ft depending on visibility


Since its so cold there you will hear on AWOS- Density altitude…-50,000ft

RIP TE901 victims.

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