Air New Zealand Announces Direct Flights To Newark, NJ; Ends LAX-LHR

Really fantastic news with this new expansion.

3x weekly flights from Auckland to Newark (EWR) using the 787-9.

This will be the fifth longest flight in the world by distance.

Additionally, they will be pulling out of London Heathrow with their fifth freedom LAX-LHR flight.


Qantas vs Air New Zealand, fight!


Very interesting, seems like they are trying to replicate Qantas

Thanks, captain obvious.

I bet the only reason they are doing this route is to test Qantas and add a bit of competition with lower prices.

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Imagine not flying to JFK but sEWR instead 🤡


Thanks, captain obvious.


I will say, good on them for being so presumptive and cautious about the withdrawal. I guess that aircraft then will just be used to increase frequency somewhere else? Did they say whare?

This has been on Air New Zealand plan for a few months. We will replace it with the 787X when they arrive in 2022

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I don’t think so. The 787-10 has less range than the 787-9.

I’m telling you the facts

I mean it’s a 14,200 km journey, the 787-10 can’t fly that, do you mean 777X perhaps?

Well United hub and star alliance

I’m pretty sure

What’s wrong with Newark

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It is an interesting choice, I’m sure it isn’ta coincidence that when they canceled there own tans Atlantic flight they started flying to the biggest U.S. partners main transatlantic hub…

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I think it’s a great decision on Air New Zealand’s Behalf. Flying into Newark I assume would be less congested than JFK, which would mean fewer delays. I’m excited to see it as a reality in the near future!

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Jesus! AKL-EWR has a GCD of 7,655nm - on the limit of the 787-9’s range!

Also, I find it funny that Qantas is doing research flights for NYC-SYD (for launch in 2022/23) and then ANZ (mere days later) announce commercial service for AKL-EWR (starting Oct 2020).

Lol - get wrecked Joyce!

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Seeing as they are a part of Star Alliance, Newark seems like the better choice because it’s a huge Star Alliance hub (United).

Sad to see London-Los Angeles cut though as that seemed like a fun route and a pretty easy and comfortable way to get to the United Kingdom from New Zealand

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Yeah what is wrong with Newark? If anything it is older than JFK, making it the first airport in the Metropolis Area.

Just a personal thing, but Newark is not New York, Newark is New Jersey. Its like cities that try to steal the thunder in the name, case, and point, Dallas-Ft. Worth. I’m pretty sure nobody is saying “Let’s go to Fort Worth.” Dallas is the relevant part, Newark is an offshoot trying to capitalize on the success of the city of New York. If you want to fly to the real New York, you fly to JFK. JFK is the gateway to New York, new Jersey doesn’t hold a candle to New York, the city and the state. Newark has been rated THE worst airport in the United States, is no joke. JFK is not much better, but at least it’s an airport in New York.

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