Air New Zealand announces 787-10 to replace 777-200ER


Air New Zealand has announced 8 firm orders for 787-10 with 20 on option to replace the 8 777-200ER aircraft. The options could be a combination of 787-9 / 10. Orders are set for 2022 but could be accelerated or delayed due to market demand.

Air New Zealand have switched to GE engines to power the aircraft after the issues with the the RR engines.

Air New Zealand will get the modified 787-9 in design by Boeing which will have a higher MTOW allowing for New York, Brazil routes potentially.

Air New Zealand will have a new product for this aircraft which they are currently working on.

The 777X was to big for consideration though could be bought later with market growth increasing demand. It may also be bought to replace the 77W though that will be awhile away considering there young age.

Source Air NZ


Seeing Air New Zealand at JFK would be pretty cool. I’m fine with either the 777X or the 787-9/10, as long as I get to see that amazing livery.


Well, it’s finally great to see more Dreamliners delivering into several other airliners. This will surely create more efficient flights in the near future, instead of the current 777’s. 👍

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So a possible extended range 787? That would really compete with the A350ULR


In my opinion, the Air New Zealand liveries are very impressive. I would like to know what the leaf on the tail represent.

@CaptZach, The symbol that appears on the tail of ANZ is the ‘Koru’. The Koru is a New Zealand Maori symbol based on the spiral shape of an unfolding fern leaf. It represents new life, renewal and hope for the future.

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The silver fern native to Nz


Ok, thanks a lot.

Sees: 787-10 to replace 777-200ER

So sad A350 would be so much better

Not when it comes to price. Boeing are shifting these B787’s with big discounts to lure the airlines in


That would be awesome. Seems like Boeing sees that as the 7778X, but I supose it’s possible. The A350-1000 does more play in 777 territory, so I think a 787 to compete with the -900ULR would be great…

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It is fairly subjective and down to the needs. Like do I get an IPhone, or a Galaxy? Very comparable, both have pro’s and cons, as do the A350, and 787. Now let’s say for example in that analogy you already have an IPad, and a Mac. You have songs, movies, and apps purchased in the Apple ecosystem, not to mention the way they would all work together. Getting the IPhone is a bit of a no brainer since it integrates so perfectly into you’re life. For Air New Zealand they already had Pilots, Maintnance workers, Ground handlers, and equipment for Dreamliners. It just made sense, eaven if the other side had some pro’s…

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Yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaah I’m so happy the 787-10/9 is tied second favourite with the 777-300 and A350-900 absolutely happy (First is 747-4/8) of course.

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