Air New Zealand All Blacks Livery Rework

Hey community! I was just wondering if we could have the revised All Blacks
livery? I heared that Infinite Flight doesn’t do special liveries anymore but I’m not entirely sure.

As you can see, it doesn’t have the gray fern in the background, the white fern is a little smaller and the name is Italicized. This is a great livery and I think if we could have the newer livery, that would cool! 😎 Have an awesome day!

Photo Credit: Aviationshotz: Air New Zealand Black B777-300ER, Updated Livery

It looks good and I like it, but the old one looks better in my opinion.

It is also advisable to vote for your own feature request.

Please give image credit too: this resource should give you plenty of information: Sharing Photos on the IFC - How to properly give credit.

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I did, I was just re-reading it for mistakes before I voted! thanks for the feedback Kevin.

Don’t forget the image credit ;)

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For those of you who are wondering “what’s the difference between the new one and the old one?”, well here you go :)

Photo Credit

The new one looks more modern and more fresh than the old one. I like it! Ran out of votes unfortunately.


I gave the credit just now:)

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Looks better than the old one ;)

Don’t know if it’s worth a rework tho, maybe it will be added with a complete 777 overhaul (new flightdeck, wingflex…)

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Definitely something I’d like to see in the 777 reqork