Air New Zealand Airbus A320 (All Blacks livery)

Registration- ZK-OJR
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I saw one of these at Auckland airport when I went on my holiday, it’s a wonderful livery and I’d love to see this in Infinite Flight.


Love the All Blacks all around.

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Didn’t know that an A320 was painted in that livery👀

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Like this livery, awesome! 👍👍

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I think it would be a nice addition and I want it

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It looks nice

Infinte flight have this livery but its on the 777-300ER

Never knew they had it on the A320

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Same here.

I like it.

Looks way better than the white one…

really like it 👍🏿

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This would be my new favorite a320 livery if they put this in. I LOVE the all blacks.

Not in this livery any more it’s been repainted ZK-OAB is in the black beauty livery which is very similar


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