Air New Zealand A320 registration problem

Hello, IFC,

I just noticed a problem with the Air New Zealand A320. It is a minor problem regarding the registration.
Outside of the aircraft, the reg is ZK-OXC
But in the cockpit, the reg is different…
This is not a big problem, but I just wanted t9 point that out :)
Thank you!

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Is this in the right category?

The cockpit model used for the airbus a318/19/20/21 are the same and are not livery specific.


This should be moved to live. This has absolutely nothing to do with #support

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Yeah what @Hamza.N said. Same thing in the TBM.

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I moved this to #general, it’s not a #live topic because this airplane is available to all users, whether or not they’re flying online or solo.

As has been pointed out, there’s one cockpit model used for the whole A320 family, which happens to include the aircraft reg PH-JAR. This is also seen on the TBM and Dash-8. It’s not really a big issue :)

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