Air New Zealand 777-200er (Pacific Wave)

I would really love this Livery on the 777-200er! I believe this is one of the last remaining 777-200er with the pacific wave livery

Not my photo

if a regular or mod put this in the #features category please

This is an amazing livery.
However, it would be much appreciated if you could add more depth in your request. Please read the following post on creating a feature request.


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Hi, Welcome to the community :)
To be able to post in the #features category you have to be TL2 or higher.
Keep liking, posting and contributing to the community in a positive way and i’m sure you’ll reach TL2 in no time. And once you’ve done that you may make this request again :)

Check below to better understand what TL is.


Adding onto all of these please give this Features Post a read!

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Are you guys unable to move this to the #features category?

We can but since you are not TL2 we are not allowed to i’d say…
And because the post was made you who hasn’t reached TL2 or higher yet, therefore we are not obliged to to change, although we could, we should not, pretty much to following the rules :)