Air New Zealand 767-319ER

This was the first modernish jet i flew, It was the first time i saw IFE on the back of a seat and what captured me the most was the attractive winglet paintjob this aircraft lived a long life with Air NZ and proved to be always extremely reliable i think this livery deserves to be in Infinite Flight without a doubt!

Photo credit- MRC aviation

Definitely a must, it’s so sad they were retired this year. They flew into Sydney often. Great to still see this livery on some of their 772s.


Definitely!! Im happy boeing made the -400ER but sadly thats probably gonna be the last 767 variant we will see:( its sad coz these are quality aircraft with a huge history

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I have been to New Zealand and l’ve got to say we need this but I am currently out of votes but will vote when I have a chance

Voted, I love Air New Zealand