Air New Zealand 747-200

Since there is the 747 200 why don’t we have the Air New Zealand 747 200 livery


I don’t like it

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@NZ_Aviation12, you may like this :)

I would love to, but we can’t help out with aircrafts’ liveries right? I know we can for airports.

It is impossible to have every livery for every type of aircraft

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I like that small italic 70s style font

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Love that retro livery! A little like Qantas’ 747-200

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From Wikimedia
I love this livery. It’s so different from the present one. It really has a retro feel to it.

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It’s so beautiful! I love it!


YES! Air New Zealand 747-200 or 747-400

This brings back memories!

Would be cool to have

Yes that or the 747-400

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