Air New Zealand 21.1!


Take a look at these screenshots I captured from my flight from NZAA - YSSY, featuring the 21.1 beta!

Server: Expert
Route: NZAA - YSSY
Callsign: New Zealand 228
Aircraft: Air New Zealand B787-9
Flight time: 3HRS 14MN

Parked at gate 7.

A beautiful takeoff featuring the 787 gear tilt!

Cruising at an altitude of 41,000 feet, with the clouds well below us.

About to land in Sydney with a Virgin Australia B777-300ER waiting for departure clearance.

Arrived in Sydney.

Finally, parked at gate 53 of the Int. Terminal, along with the amazing 3D terminals in the background!


Nice shots! You can definitely tell how realistic it looks now with buildings and clouds! :)


Thank you!

The Infinite Flight Team did a really incredible job!

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Lovely shots 😁

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Thank you :)

That landing shot was so nice, definitely my favorite

Sorry but I don’t think real life photos are allowed in the screenshots and videos category

All jokes aside, amazing shots


Hahaha, thank you :)

Amazing Photo!

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Nice shots!

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Thank you so much :)

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