Air Namibia A319

hey my name is Max I would like to have a new airline called Air Namibia please get back to me and don’t flag it.



Hi Max, please be more specific about which aircraft you want. Don’t post in #developer for a request, the devs aren’t going to notice it any more from the other categories.

Edit: only request one aircraft and livery per feature request :)


what aircraft type etc your not giving enough info

You should move this to Features, because you want the livery of your national carrier to be shown in IF.
Currently, there are no plans to have the A330-200 in IF, but the A319 could have Air Namibia’s livery added in the future if it gets quite a lot of Likes and comments.
And its one aircraft or livery per request.

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you also can only list one aircraft type at a time and do it in the title (so many rules i know)

That’s better, I like the livery.
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    Your topic is none of the above, so you don’t need to worry.
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Hi Max! Welcome to the community! Maybe you should post this in #features To make this Plane to be shown/available in Infinite Flight. Btw, I Like the Livery too!

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my computer wont let me post this on feature and I don’t know why?

You have to reach TL1 (Basic) to post this in Features (Correct me of I’m wrong).

do I increase

It doesn’t take long to reach that level. It was moved to Features, so just wait and interact.

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thanks everyone you guys are so helpful and nice


Just try to be more active in the forum. Ex: leaving a Like, or a Post, or make a new topic


Bump! No one has voted in a long time.

Agreed very much