Air Methods PC-12

I know there are other posts on here about air ambulances and PC-12s but I thought I would be just a little more specific.

I love the Air Methods livery because it is clean and it is easily identifiable as an air ambulance by the star of life on the side.

Along with that the PC-12 is a great plane for both day to day operations and short field operations. Ultimately I think this would be a very solid option to have to fly.

(If I’m out of line please feel free to move or delete this post.)

why does that look like the tbm?

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Ultimately because of the pt6 engine. The PC-12 is taller, longer and has a T tail rather than the conventional style. I thought they were very similar when I was first introduced to it as well.


why did you delete the reply and then rewrite it?

Honestly IDK. Could’ve just edited it.

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it’s funny tho

Differently a great livery for a good hearted mission