Air Mauritius VA Launch Event - The Mauritius FLY-IN

Air Mauritius VA Launch Event - The Mauritius FLY-IN

Time: 28/01/2024 at 1900Z to 2100Z

Event: Hello and welcome to the official Air Mauritius VA launch event thread.
We thought long and hard before deciding to offer a Fly-In to our splendid HUB so that the whole community could discover the magnificent Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport.
We invite you to join us for a series of arrivals between 2000Z and 2200Z on that day, and we’d like to ask any pilots thinking of taking part to make themselves known in reply to this thread, along with their planned flight if possible.

For those wishing to discover more than just our hub, you’re welcome to join us on our own flight for this event, for which information is given below:

Air Mauritius Flight Info

Flight time : 4:00
Departure : 1500Z
Aircraft A359
Flight Number : MK852

Server: Expert

Airport: FIMP - Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam International Airport

Community events

Hoping to see you in FIMP during the event !
Best regards,
@_Ethan Air Mauritius CEO.


I will join


Cool! I will join as well!


See you guys flying our va in infinite flight can’t wait

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It’s going to be an interesting event considering Fimp airport is a single runway airport


we look forward to the first VA Event!!

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@TurkiyeVirtual pilots will be joining and will be a fun single runway event!!!

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And were looking forward you there

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Yeah I imagine we’ll be holding a lot

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When our event flight land will try to give ATC at FIMP asap if it’s not done before !

I will try to join!


To everyone that is interested in flying the same route than us at Air Mauritius Virtual here are our flight info in detail:

@Event Here is the Launch event flight info hoping to see you on Sunday !

#General Info:

PB Time: 1500Z
Estimated flight time 3:45
Callsign Air Mauritius XXXMK Heavy
Bonus Flight time: 3x
FPL to copy from 013MK

#Gate assignement:
- Alpha Apron Terminal 1 Gate A1:013MK
- Alpha Apron Terminal 1 Gate A2:
- Alpha Apron Terminal 1 Gate A3:
- Alpha Apron Terminal 1 Gate A4:
- Alpha Apron Terminal 1 Gate A5:


Fuel: 34865kgs
Pax: 295
Cargo: 9 000kgs - 10 000kgs

#Take-Off and Climb:

V1: 151 /Vr: 153 /V2: 163
TO Flaps: 1+F
N1: 89%
Climb Profile: 200kts at 3000fpm to 8000ft/ 250kts-290kts at 2400fpm to FL150/ 290kts at 2000fpm to FL280/ M0.78 at 1400fpm to Cruise


Speed: M0.84
Altitude: FL370


Altitude: VNAV
Speed: M0.78/280/240

I cannot come anymore sorry

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