Air Mauritius takes delivery of First A330-900neo

Air Mauritius becomes the 3rd Airlines to take delivery of the A330Neo
Air Mauritius also becomes the First Airline in the world to have Both A350 and A330Neo in their fleet.

Souce: Airbus and Doumenjou


Change the A330 900 to A330neo:)

It can stay as 900 as there are two NEO variants in the A330 family :)

Cool.I still dont like the nose shape of the a330.
Is it just me?

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Its also the second African airline to take delivery of the aircraft after Air Senegal.

thats cool. but im gonna stick with loving Boeing.
if its not boeing, im not going! cause im gonna fuss about airbus.

Omg I’m flying Air Mauritius from Mauritius to Johannesburg in July, I don’t care if its the a339 or the a350, I want one of those two.


Yeah i used to say that too bro but now since their latest stunt with the 737 max, i completely lost confidence in boing.
Now If its Boeing i ain’t going

?!? Boeing rocks!
I’m fussing about airbus!

Boi, the 737 MAX is just 1 out of many models!

@OrcaKid and @Amla, take it to a PM if you guys want to discuss which one is better, Airbus or Boeing. No need to further such a discussion here, instead keep your posts on-topic, thank you.

Let’s just admire how great it is for Air Mauritius to have gotten their first A330neo.


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