Air Mauritius Journey Part 2

Make sure to check out part 1 to follow with my journey!

After it’s beauty rest, it’s time to go longer than just a medium haul. This time we will embark onto Paris! One of Air Mauritius’s most famous routes to Europe. After unloading cargo and passengers from Johannesburg, it got it’s nice 10 hours of rest and is now loaded with cargo and PAX to make it’s way to Paris

Background information, Expert server, Airbus 350-900, FIMP-LFPG (Mauritius to Paris)

Loading the PAX and cargo at the gate. Current local time is 6am

Backtrack Taxiing runway 14

Positive Rate, Gear up.

Following the OKMAR1 Departure out of FIMP, which gives us a very nice view of the Pointe d’Esny waters.

After many hours, we are crossing Egypt with a very sandy sky.

After the dust and sand from Egypt, we are met by the refreshing waters of Greece!

Fancy an expresso over Italy?

If not, how about some Swiss Chocolate?

After a wonderful approach led by IFATC @Babacar, we are about to touchdown runway 8R at CDG!

I would add more pictures, but the 10 picture requirement is a rule that I don’t want to break. Here we are parked at the famous 2E terminal at Paris. Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen, local time is 6pm, hoped you had a good flight, and please practice social distancing.

Thank you all for tuning into my picture journey as we flew from Johannesburg to our home base of Mauritius, finally on our long haul to Paris. Until next time, Lufthansa 2 out.


Hey mate, thanks for sharing!

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What do you recommend I do?
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It’s mod decision as to whether this remains open or is closed. If it is closed, feel free to post it tomorrow!

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Great collection of shots…Tip for next time, If you have more than 10 shots and you want to post all of them then I would recommend putting it into a collage (in this case a pair of 2 photos together). Doing this will enable you to post all 20 shots in 10 photos and still stay within the 10 photo limit ;)

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Some fantastic pictures in there! I especially like the wing shots. Really well made topic, thanks for sharing!

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