Air Mauritius Has Been Placed Into Administration

Mauritian airline Air Mauritius has been placed into administration. The airline’s board came to the decision following “a complete erosion of the company’s revenue base.” As a result, the airline has today been placed into administration.

My opinion on this
It’s a real shame to see Air Mauritius in this position. Personally I really liked Air Mauritius as an airline particularly because of their livery on the A350-900 and also their ambition to expand worldwide to places like London and Paris which they successfully achieved. They will be a big miss to the Aviation world for sure!

Photo Credit: GVA spotter

Credit: Sam Chui

Just saw that Jack😞 so sad to see so many airlines collapsing right in front of us;(
hope to see something else in the future…


Honestly, I’m not ready to see another airline go out of service… 😔
“2020 is going to be the best year” they said. This is what aviation got as a gift…


How? Well I know how, but it’s the main carrier of Mauritius. There won’t be really many flights from the world after this other than Gatwick, Paris, and the Middle East.

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More or less.

This is Air Mauritius current network from MRU:


Assuming every airline resumes service to the city after COVID-19 and Air Mauritius ends up collapsing, this is the network from MRU.

Basically the country loses connections to Asia and Australia but maintains a strong connection to Europe


Well that’s an opportunity for Asian airlines once they can expand again I guess…

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When I heard this I almost threw my phone across the room

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Man this is so sad to hear. I’m currently flying it from Mauritius, 300NM away from Paris and it’s sad to know that this flight might not exist for a long time to come. I really hope they recover.

I just want some good news for once with the aviation industry right now.

I can’t handle another airline shattering my mac screen

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Here’s a few:

  • airBaltic wants more A220s earlier
  • The first A321XLR metal has been cut out
  • 737 MAX tower?
  • South African Airways may be restructured and survive

Do you mean the first ever fuselage was made? If so that is some awesome news to hear!

Just the wing box, yeah.

There’s positive aviation news out there. Just gotta look deeper because the media is mainly covering the negative ones.

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I really love the livery that they had and it will be hard to see them go, I will miss seeing their wonderful A350s. 😭

I should maybe stop quoting anything AirBaltic related but that gets a yay from me. Not to mention Air France might get their A220s in 2021.

Guys, administration does not mean bankruptcy

Tip: Liquidation=Bankruptcy

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This is sad - their aircraft are beautiful

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This is a very surprising story. Never thought of them at all. Is there any aid from the state on the cards as they are the national carrier and essential for travel to/from the nation, aren’t they?

Thanks for the updates!

Are you sure about that one? With all the recent lay-offs of staff I can’t see them really expanding their order (or do you mean they just speed up the delivery for the remaining 8(?) ones on a fix order)?

Going up to 50 A220s

The East European carrier has started talks with Airbus SE to accelerate handovers of its A220 model, chief executive officer (CEO) Martin Gauss said in an interview. The existing plan to assemble a fleet of 50 of the narrow-body jets by 2025 could come to fruition a couple of years early, he said.

The rebound could offer a chance to win market share, Gauss said, adding that one potential step could be geographical expansion in the neighbouring Nordics.

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