Air Mauritius Airbus A319-100

flickr ©Keith Burton

One of the best A319 liveries out there. A must have in IF


Nice. I didn’t know they had the A320 fam.

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They only have two of these

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Very nice indeed , she looking very sleek at Cape Town when that photo was taken !

@jdag2004 another one for global we need :D


Very good tail, but not the best font. But anyways, Rounding things up, I’d really like that in IF.

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Would be nice to fly a realistic livery and aircraft between Mauritius and Reunion islands

@Julien_Narayanasawmy … this is for you

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Fun fact: During peak season, the 319 flies to Pierrefonds, the smaller airport of Reunion… Other than that it’s the ATR.
Anyway, great livery! Sadly I ran out of votes…
Sorry @Julien_Narayanasawmy

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Huh weird
Yeah I don’t have anymore votes
Just thought it was an interesting livery

Ohh… yeah I would love to have this livery in IF

Yeah… even the A330 and A350 fly there at times!

@Kiz and @ewanfleming, Air Mauritius fleet also consists of ATR 72-500, A330-200, A330-900NEO, A340-300 and A350-900.

And you are right, only 2 A319-100!

Though the runway is very short
6890ft (2130m)
Landing distance for A330 and A350 with no reverse is 1730 and 2000m
So in real life it would take less since they use reversers
But yes, I would like to see the Air Mauritius A319 added!

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Ahh not sure which one of these 2 airports they go though!

What I think is
The big jets go to FMEE (big airport)
The small jets and props go to FMEP (small airport)

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Yeah… It is probably that!