Air Mauritius A359 Flights to LSGG and FACT - Goal Pt. 3

After my #screenshots-and-videos posts “part 1 and part 2 of Air Mauritius A359 Flights” with the first 9 flights of my goal.

Lets fly over the part 3 of Air Mauritius A359 flights which consists of the next 4 flights of my goal as detailed below:

Flight MK48: FIMP - LSGG
Departed at: 11APR21 / 0330Z
Flight time: 10h15min
Server: Expert

On final approach at Geneva!

@mrpilot.jjr (B77W Emirates) ready for departure while I slow down to exit the runway.

Flight MK59: LSGG - FIMP
Departed at: 11APR21 / 1545Z
Flight time: 10h09min
Server: Expert

2 A320 of easyJet (@Captain_Meyer and @Captain_Nicolas) are parking at gate while I am going through the start-up checklist.

Flying over the Swiss Alps

Flight MK843: FIMP - FACT
Departed at: 12APR21 / 0330Z
Flight time: 5h06min
Server: Expert

Busy SSR Airport (Other pilots at gate: @Aryan_Sharma, @applepro243 and @omgialia)

Air Mauritius 001VA taxiing to Runway 14.

Emirates 898VA departing west and Air Mauritius 001VA departing North East.

G-OOOD is landing on Runway 01 at FACT while Emirates 898VA is taxiing to parking.

Flight MK844: FACT - FIMP
Departed at: 12APR21 / 1345Z
Flight time: 5h16min
Server: Expert

Holding short while @Omar_Hegazy (B738 Kulula) is on final approach.

Taxiing to gate while @AGSilver_04 is slowing down to exit Runway 14.

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Editing Credits: @applepro243
Thanks to the pilots contributing to those amazing shots directly or indirectly!

Other parts of Air Mauritius A359 Flights #screenshots-and-videos

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Thanks for the awesome flight, pictures and editing, Julien!

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Welcome @AGSilver_04 ;)

Amazing photos!

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Thank you!

Lovely pictures

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I see LSSG, I click, I like and I comment !

Nice shots also nice to see some easyJet birds there ^^ , the emirates one is cool too. The A359 is truly one of the best aircrafts :p
I really loved the angles , the 2 Alps shots are amazing, I wish more people flew there in order to enjoy this beautiful approach with the lake below and mountains on the sides !

:p @Alex_Kraz @Jeremy351 @saam


Yeah the view on approach there is really wonderful. It was also the first time I flew there😍

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Wonderful shoot !

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Thank you!! :)

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Great work! Glad to see Mauritius and so many A350s!


Thank you!
Yeah it is seeing a not such well-known airport with many aircrafts!

All of these are extremely nice! Keep up the good work! Excited to see what’s next

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Thank you.
The part 1, 2 and 3 were about the 13 first flights of my goal, and there was a total of 22 flights, so the next parts coming will be about the last 9 flights.

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