Air Mauritius A359 Flights to LFPG and WSSS - Goal Pt. 2

After my successful first #screenshots-and-videos post “part 1 of Air Mauritius A359 Flights” with the first 5 flights of my goal.

Let me take you around the part 2 of Air Mauritius A359 flights which consists of the next 4 flights of my goal as detailed below:

Flight MK14: FIMP - LFPG
Departed at: 07APR21 / 1830Z
Flight time: 11h35min
Server: Expert

Passengers are getting off while @captain.cj is taxiing behind in his B77W - Air France

Flight MK15: LFPG - FIMP
Departed at: 08APR21 / 0700Z
Flight time: 10h29min
Server: Expert

Accelerating to Vr while @ECOFRIENDLY_TIME is getting ready for pushback. (@unknown is taxiing in a B77W - Emirates)

V1… Vr… Rotate

Flight MK646: FIMP - WSSS
Departed at: 09APR21 / 0200Z
Flight time: 6h25min
Server: Expert

Lining up the runway while @applepro243 is back-taxiing!

Positive rates… Gear up…

G-OOOD is clear of all runways. Emirates 898VA taxi to parking. (Other pilots appearing in photo: @Ged_Fernandez - A380 Singapore Airlines and @Disheng_Zhang - A359 Air Mauritius)

Air Mauritius shows up in force at Singapore. (5th pilot behind: @unknown - B777F Ethiopian Cargo)

Flight MK647: WSSS - FIMP
Departed at: 09APR21 / 0900Z
Flight time: 6h19min
Server: Expert

Emirates 898VA is ready to taxi while @Disheng_Zhang is preparing for pushback and @Kintul_Shah is landing at WSSS

Emirates 898VA is taxiing to runway 02L. Air Mauritius 647 is pushing back. (Background: Tail-Logo of @FairuzTh - A350 Singapore Airlines)

After a long flight, we are back home. (Me - taxiing and @Disheng_Zhang - landing)

Hope you enjoyed the photos! Editing Credits: @applepro243
Thanks to the pilots contributing to those flights directly or indirectly!

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Very nice pics but the editing was too much for my liking

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Thank you…

Very Nice pics.

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Thanx my friend, very nice pic!!!

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Thank you @Lenza @captain.cj 😊