Air Mauritius A330-200



I would love to have this.


Please be a little more descriptive. Or read this…

But i love the livery though :)

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YES please Developpers!

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Its nice aircraft livery 👍

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Yes!!! We need thissss but it’d be nice to have it in its old livery

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Maybe if we keep this thread alive it will happen.
Also ATRs would be great.

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this would be great!
shame they don’t come to YMML Anymore. :-(

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Why, thank you ;-)

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Hehe yeah, it would be nice if it was kept alive lol.

RealNice . 👍🏼

this is a amazing livery !

Looks great

Look’s very nice! I like it. I don’t have any votes :(

I 100% Support this in the A330 Rework!

Yea I would like this. However IF is only updating the A330-300. But hopefully it gets added at some point.:)