Air Malta Ceases Operations

Air Malta ceases its operations on its 50th Anniversary: a new Maltese airline is taking over

An A320neo of Air Malta, notice that the “” text on the engines is removed…

Well, hello everyone!

50 years after making its first flight, Air Malta, the national airline of Malta, ceased its operations yesterday.
The last flight of the airline was KM103, between LHR and Malta.
According to the airline and the Maltese government, it is due to to make way for the new Maltese airline after European Union regulators blocked another public bailout for Air Malta.

A new Maltese Airline

KM Malta Airlines logo

Founded on October of 2023, KM Malta Airlines is the new flag carrier of Malta, they started theirs operations today ans its hub is Luqa Airport. The airline was created to replace the struggling Air Malta.

What do you all, think?


TL;DR the articles, but will Air Malta aircraft be given to KM?


According to Wikipedia, yes


Shame that they are ceasing operations but I guess it’s not that big a deal because the new airline is literally a copy paste 🤷‍♂️


Thought this was April fools🗿

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Yes, they will

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