Air Madrid A330-301 (With GE's Engines / EC-JMF)

🇪🇸 Air Madrid A330-300 (GE’s Engines / EC-JMF)

Hello, today, I’m requesting a livery that few people know, it is Air Madrid

Source: JetPhotos

Air Madrid was a Spanish airline that was based in Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain.

They were found in 2003 and they started their operations with two A330-200.

They leased five A320s for services to London, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam and Frankfurt.

In 2006, they had in their fleet:

  • one A313
  • two A319-100s
  • Three A330-200s
  • Two A330-300s
  • One A343
    Air Madrid ceased theirs operations in December of 2006

The destinations they did here here:

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Is 313 an aircraft?! Never heard of it if it’s real

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It’s a good livery but since the airline ceased it’s operations 15 years ago you might wanna see this, let’s hope it gets added!


It’s the A310-300


Oh yeah! True!

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A313 is the A310-300

I tried to search some of Air Madrid’s flights, I found that these are some of their long haul flights (can someone tell me If Air Madrid actually operated these flights?)

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They forgot the European and Regional’s flights