Air Macau A321

Would love to see this beautiful A321 Air Macau on Infinite Flight

Photo by Eric Wang

About Air Macau : Air Macau Company Limited or Air Macau is the national flag carrier of the Macao Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China. Relatively a small airline, Air Macau has a fleet size of 17 aircraft in active service, entirely composed of Airbus aircraft, that flies passengers in 23 destinations, including a direct routes to mainland China and some regional international routes. Its main hub is located at Macau International Airport.

Nice request, I like the colours on this livery. Mind adding a little more info on why you would like this livery implemented? Also don’t forget to vote for your own request to show you’d personally like it added.


I’m sure @Kyle.Plane will be interested with this request ;)

Anyways, awesome request Jonathan! Maybe I should check if I have any votes left


Since I live in Macau, I’ll definitely be voting for this. My mom used to be a flight attendant there, so I flew them a lot. Not a very good airline though 🤫 😂


Thank you so much George 😀

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Thank you !!! 😀😀😀

Nice livery… i hope see in the IF!


Nice livery, I like Air Macau

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