Air Macau A321-231

Air Macau, the flag carrier of Macau, has 22 planes in its fleet, and 12 of them is Airbus A321.

About Air Macau

Why this livery
Macau Int’l Airport (VMMC) 3D is uploaded about a year ago. However, as Macau’s flag carrier, Air Macau has no livery in IF for a long time. They have 12 A321 in fleet, use them fly from Macau to the world. As more and more China Mainland 3D airports adding to Infinite Flight, flying an Air Macau A321 to Mainland destinations will also be a good choice.
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Photo from 2018, beautiful winglet!


The sharklet! It’s awesome!

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We have a 3D VMMC, but there are no airlines that fly out of it. This must be corrected


Photos were taken on January 21st


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My favourite airline🤩

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Great livery! Saw once Air Macau on Shanghai ZSPD, definitely supporting this.

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