Air Macau A320 at EGLL?

Yeah it wasn’t air New Zealand fault the pilot from the other airline.

Back when the video was filmed (1998), Air Macau had the plane leased from the ILFC.

Looking at a brief history of the airframe:
April 1998 - June 1998: Registered as CS-MAH, owned by the ILFC and leased to Air Macau. Note that CS- is the prefix for Portuguese aircraft, and airplanes registered in Macau have CS-M as the beginning of the registration.

June 1998 - November 1999: Wet-leased out to TAP Portugal, continuing to use CS-MAH as a registration (I’m assuming that the technical country of registration for Macanese aircraft at the time was Portugal, allowing the plane to operate seamlessly to/from mainland Portuguese airports).

November 1999 - December 1999: Aircraft returned to Air Macau, operating as CS-MAH.

December 1999 - May 2014: Because Macau is handed to China, the aircraft is re-registered to B-MAH, with B- being the prefix for Chinese aircraft and B-M being the prefix for Macanese aircraft specifically.

May 2014 - March 2015: B-MAH changes lessor from ILFC to AerCap, but continues to operate with Air Macau.

March 2015 - August 2015: withdrawn from use

August 2015 - present: AerCap finds a new lessee, Aruba Airlines, who uses the airframe under the new registration P4-AAD.


Ive never ever heard on Air Macau but interesting thread

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