Air Koryo Tu-204 livery

Yes Air Koryo…the airline of the DPRK.
This a well known airline that is also very famous for its burger.
If the IF team can consider adding this livery along with the Tupolev Tu-204.
Thanks for actually reading :)

Hi there!

Livery requests can only be for one aircraft type. This livery has already been requested on the following aircraft:

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i’m asking for the livery and not the aircraft

That request is for the livery

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We must have at least one of the aircraft to add the livery. As we don’t have any of their Antonov, Ilyushin or Tupolev models you cannot only ask for the livery. If you want this aircraft go to this thread and vote for it:

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Yes you can, as long as you specify the aircraft type, or else, for example, the ATR livery requests wouldn’t have been a thing. Doesn’t change the fact that requesting just the livery is not allowed though.