Air Koryo IL-62M

Please add Air Koryo IL-62M. The game needs to have more Russian planes, there are no Russian planes in the game now. Air Koryo is North Korea’s airline but we do not have this airline in the game.

Home airport: Pyongyang, ZKPY

IL-62M is a medium range Russian plane.

Remember you must vote or what you say does not matter, you must vote to show you agree.
This is a serious request.

everyone, vote if you agree we need to have more russian planes and air koryo

This would be awesome! We need more soviet era aircraft in IF and this would be a special livery for it. Infinite Flight has branded itself as being free from politics so they shouldn’t choose to not add this livery because of “controversy”.


I agree because we have Air Force 1 liveries in IF. Plus we have liveries from many countries that are controversial.

yes, everyone, vote so they will listen to us @Aceorbit

It would certainly be interesting to see a IL-62 in IF. We’ll have to wait and see.

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I’m sure @MilkTea would love to see this. (Hence her new topic)

I think adding this would cause more stir than it’s worth, but if that aircraft gets implemented it would be a very interesting livery to see in the game.

I’ll give it a vote and see if it picks up. I’d love to see more diversity in choice of planes so this would be cool to have (although I doubt it’ll happen)!


it will happen if people vote, everyone can show they agree, make this a big request not like a small livery request

Well I’m sure a large amount of people would love to see more planes like these being added, sometimes it’s very difficult to create and even if something has a lot of votes, it doesn’t mean that it will be added. Two good examples are taxiway lights and the Boeing 757 rework. Both have over 1000 votes, yet devs have shown no intentions of working on either. We’ll just have to wait and see.


i don’t like the idea but if they did that it would be hilarious so you got my VOTE!

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I love IL62. It is an interesting airplane also his similarity to VC10.

Cold War gave us some beautiful “sisters” airplanes, VC10 and IL62, Concorde and TU-144, B727 and TU154. Someone copy to other.

BTW, I imagine that IL62 would have to take along a special button to desploy the rear tires while the plane is taxiing or at gate.



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what is desplegate

Sorry @anon79353067.

My fault. I wanted to say deploying the rear tires…


This does look interesting but I really don’t know if it will appeal to the masses with regards to routes.

Happy Flying :)

it also sounds like air Oreo 😍

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It’s a nice request and an interesting plane.

Imagine EGLL on Casual if this gets added lmao


yes you are right, make sure to vote

No need…

I can already imagine this😂