Air Koryo flight caught on fire

Aircraft landed safely in Shenyang, China after caught on fire enroute from Pyongyang to Beijing.


Well that’s interesting. That TU 204-300 is borrowed by Cubana every now and then in the Air Koryo livery.

The flights from Pyongyang so it could be a problem with something like a wiring.

Hope none are hurted because of that incident though

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No. I think all are safe.
Tu 204 are very modern.
It’s also Air Koryo’s only TU 204-300. Hopefully that can force them to buy MC 21.


I hope everyone landed safely

Even IL-62 is more modern than 707, so you should “remain silent”

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As bad as what I’m going to say may sound, as a South Korean, hearing things about North Korea struggling makes me happy
You guys probably won’t understand why this makes me happy


I get what you mean as there is hate between them both and I guess I myself would hate them when they threaten to nuke the world but why do the south hate them so much more? Any recent problems

  1. North Korean agents kidnap South Koreans and take them to North Korea
  2. Korean War is technically still going on; No peace treaty was signed
  3. South Korea is always under constant threat from North Korea claiming that they will bomb the South
  4. Different beliefs (North’s communism vs South’s capitalism)

And the fact that they are just on opposite sides in general.

And it’s not all of South Korea that hates North Korea. The elderlies of South Korea wants to reunify with North Korea because of “sentimental values” and all that

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The people who boarded that plane are not all people who make the problems btw North and South… there should be ppl who are not completely related with the conflict.

Thus, in my personal opinion, being “happy” with an aviation accident regardless of any kind of nationality should not happen.

This is closely related to attacking others, which is not allowed in this forum.


Sorry but Im pretty sure they have anti us rallies and threaten to kill us all so I don’t get why someone can’t feel the same way about them

I will take a moment to remind everyone on this thread of this:


how is this racism?

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For the sake of everyone, it’s better to stay away from controversial topics like religion or politics.

No attacks on any user, whether it be based on the person, their race, religion (or anything) will be tolerated on this forum.

‘According to Cameron, the moderator of this forum’

i don’t think there are any north korean users on this forum tbh…

I am a South Korean too, and has no support or vindication to North Korea. I am just following the forum rules.

im technically following the forum rules as well
No attacks on any USER, whether it be based on the person, their race, religion (or anything) will be tolerated on this forum.