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Welcome To The Kiwi Air Virtual Airlines Official Thread!
Ngutu roa hau takiwā hau takiwā Niu Tīrani iāianā hiahia paerata

ifvarbapproved 10/05/2019

CEO @Lu_ke Dep. CEO @cr1ck3ter

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Kia Ora and Welcome to the Kiwi Air IFC thread

We are pleased to announce that we are an approved virtual airline.

Here at Kiwi Air we are committed to being professional in everything we do, Why don’t you hear a short message from our CEO.

“Kia Ora to all, Thank you for stopping by our IFC thread, we truly appreciate it. My name is Luke, I am the CEO and Founder of Kiwi Air. As a local New Zealander I am interested in New Zealand based airlines, I saw only Sounds Air was operating at the time, I thought why has no one created New Zealand’s national carrier. (Due to legal restrictions we have to rename)”

We are a New Zealand virtual airline based off Air New Zealand.

Due to legal restrictions we can’t call this virtual airline “Air New Zealand” hence the name “Kiwi Air”.

We are based out of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown with trans-tasman flights from these four (4) airports, Medium haul flights operate from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with long haul flights operated out of Auckland and Christchurch.

We serve 20 regional destinations throughout New Zealand and serve 19 countries along the Pacific Rim as well as the United Kingdom, The areas we serve are: Asia, North & South America and the Oceania Islands.


Executive Management

CEO@Lu_ke - Luke

Deputy CEO@cr1ck3ter - Callum

Airline Director@TK_ARMY - Tray

Senior Advisor - @ElCapitan - Ajit Sidhu

Operations Management

Chief Pilot@Hendrix_Ruka - Hendrix

HR Director@Jase_Toi - Jason

Event Manager@Hendrix_Ruka - Hendrix

Flight Manager - @HSBC - Ralph

Advertising Management

Social Media Manager - @HSBC - Ralph

Public Relations Manager - @Aviator_Airbus - Anderson

Graphics & Marketing - @Liam_HQ - Liam

To apply you must meet the following requirements listed below

Application Requirements
  • Ability to access our communication source which is the Discord Server.

  • At least 13 years of age.

  • Ability to be Coachable, Confident and being able to Learn

  • Must be at least Grade 2

  • Well maintained understanding on the Infinite Flight Community.

  • Must pass the Written Application Test.




Great thread guys! Good luck. :)


Great to have a VA focused on NZ!
Wishing you guys good luck :)


Congratulations on getting approved, glad to see a home airline!


Welcome (VA), it’s a pleasure to have you here.


Apply Today


Great to see Kiwi Air coming to life! I wish you all the best of luck!


Kia Ora,

He aha te wiki kua tae mai i muri i te whaimana. Kei te tipu haere tatou i te kaha ki te whakawhānui ake i to tatou kapa o nga kaiurungi ma te waka rererangi, i tenei wa kua tae mai ki a matou e toru nga patereti. I tenei Rātapu kei te tīmata to tatou huihuinga tuatahi, he huihuinga rere roto I te taone o Tāhuna. Ka rere roto matou I nga huarahi ka mahi a tenei paparangi rererangi. Kore tatou e taea te tatari te kite koe I te rangi, mauri ora.

Kaiwhakahaere o Kiwi Air.
Hoatuhia i tenei ra

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Nice thread guys hope you do well!

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Kia Ora IFC,

Here at Kiwi Air we have various positions available.

We are opening the applications to members of the IFC that are Not in the Kiwi Air (Air NZ) VA.

If you have a interest in joining the VA as a Staff Member we invite you to fill out the Application Form

Staff Requirements

15 Years or older
Grade 3 or higher
Established understanding of the IFC
Good Understanding of Aviation
Not on the IFVARB Watchlist or Banned list
Clean IFC Track Record
Good Level of Maturity and Professionalism

Applications Close: 06 June 2019 - 03:00zulu
All Successful Shortlisted Candidates will be contacted by Email

If you receive No email from us 24 hours after the closing date and time, please assume your application unsuccessful.

Kind Regards,

Kiwi Air Upper Management

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Welcome to our new Staff Members

@ElCapitan - Ajit Sidhu

Ajit has joined us as the Senior Advisor To Upper Management. Ajit has a vast experience of knowledge.

Currently he is a A320 Pilot for EasyJet in the UK, he also features on EasyJet, Inside the Cockpit on Season 2, Episode 3 scroll to 2.20

He has also been on Management at the following mainly in CEO & COO Positions
*The Original Qatar Airways
*Fedex Virtual
*Mesa Virtual

@Jase_Toi - Jason Toi

Jase has joined us as the HR Director given his experience of knowledge.

Currently he is a Senior Accountant at his Accountancy Firm

He also has the following experience and skills.
*Runs Gobe Toi Airways on Infinite Passengers
*Been Restaurant Manager at McDonald’s - 4 years
*Managed 5 Wellington Bars for 2 years

We are proud that they have joined us especially with their skills and experience that they bring and will be a true asset to Air Kiwi Virtual (Air New Zealand)

Air Kiwi Management


To whom it may concern,

While I’m flattered at the attempt to add me to Air Kiwi VA I never signed up for this. I believe perhaps Air Kiwi staff has me confused with another member as I’m not an Easy Jet Employee nor do I fly the A320. I’m a rather private person and like to keep my professional work and private life seperate.

I wish Air Kiwi and their staff the best of luck in development of their VA but I regret to inform I will not be a part of it. Please remove me from future email chains with regards to Air Kiwi.

Happy Landings,

Heavy Driver