Air Italy Ceases will cease all operations on February 25th

Heyo! Your thread is a duplicate! Oops! You can talk about the unfortunate Air Italy events here!


Info on the other one is false, they have not collapsed yet

It’s still a duplicate thread, and the thread above has provided a lot more information, and attention.

I think the other thread is correct. They did collapse, some effects may take days to work through the system, but for all intensive purposes the airline has collapsed…

Even if the info in the other one is false, the only information you have provided is a single link, which isn’t much of a help to anyone wanting well-rounded information. Multiple sources and even discussions to help correct any misinformation goes a long way to making great topics :)

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It is probably best for the community that we keep this recent news to one thread. If you have another article to share it will be fine in the linked topic. Thanks all!