Air Italy Announces West Coast Expansion as U.S. Senators ask for Investigation


Today, Air Italy announced the expansion of 2 new routes from Milan! The 2 routes are Milan-LAX and Milan-SFO. These routes will start in April 2019 and be operated by the A330 in this fleet. LAX will start first then SFO a week later. Once Air Italy receives Their Dreamliners, they will operate the route. I’m not going to go into the whole investigation as I could go on for hours and hours, so I’ll just leave the link here for y’all to read it for yoruself

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To all you LAX spotters out there, take some pretty pictures when the gorgeous Air Italy A330 glides in for Landing!


Should be their. I can’t wait to see them fly into SFO! I love their livery. One of my favorites!


Oh my 🤦‍♂️ Darn autocorrect


This just triggers me and you know why.

Do they already fly to the east coast or are LAX and SFO TRIGGERED the first two airports in the US they will expand to?


They fly to Miami and JFK on the East Coast.