Air India's Dreamliner woes


I never knew there Was a 787-800!

Boeing must know this, before they ground the 787 forever. Yeah I saw that 787-800 too LOL :) these today journalists.

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Still better than if they report it as a 737-800 lol

Some media sources do do that :P

Well, it’s air India :-/

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What is that supposed to mean?

Exactly, what is that supposed to mean? @Erj145

Not sure if this is what erj145 was referring to, but at least from my perspective, Air India is known for parking perfectly fine 787s and then complaining that the aircraft is crap because they can’t afford to import parts.

Quite a few hilarious jokes on a net regarding this topic. Air India (and a few other Indian airlines) just can’t get it together lol…


@Pilot8 you guys ever fly in Air India planes? Worst customer service, bags always arrive late(lost my bag once they never reimbursed me a dime), they randomly delay flights. I can go on. That’s just to name a few.

Jet Airways is hands down my favorite Indian airline.


I’m Indian 😳 Air India at least has IFE mostly. Continue this in pm plz.


Mate, some.of those jokes are probably real. Haha.

But although Jet Airways is more bigger than AI, AI still is the flag carrier…iGuess?..

True. It is.

Yes, they are all real, at least to what I know.

“Why would Air India need to buy more Boeing 787s?”

“So they have a new source of spare parts.”



Many many other reports on them.

It used to my dream to fly for them, until I found out about their 3 Lak “application fee” lol

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Every airline has its share of problems. Air India also has problems but that doesn’t mean that their services are bad or anything. Am not saying that AI is the best because they aren’t but I think they are capable and can be one of the best. :)

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I’ve flown on jet airways. The food is amazing. I can agree with u about what you said about air India.


That awkward moment when the flag carrier does real badly

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It used to be amazing

I’m sure you probably all noticed this, but this aircraft isn’t even a 787, it’s a 777, you can tell by the lack of engine chevrons.LOL!