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Welcome to India’s Largest International Virtual Airline

Air India Virtual | AIVA

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Air India Virtual was founded in 2018 by @Prasoon_S. Air India Virtual has a goal to represent Indian hospitality in Infinite Flight in fun yet professional way.
We are a group of highly professional and friendly aviation enthusiasts and pilots who strive for professionalism from our Pilots. We have highly detailed SOP’s to maintain professionalism in our VA.
We operate to the largest number of International Destinations from India!

Executives IFC Profile
Chief Executive Officer @Krsh7
Chief Operations Officer @Sierra_Golf
Admin Manager @anon2790671
Staff Team IFC Profile
Human Resource Manager @Captain_Dreamliner
Route Manager @AryaTheLivingMeme
Chief Pilot @Patel_Mayur
Pilot Trainer @Susheel_Krishna
Media Manager @ifmumbai
Event Manager @Lachlanavitor
Event Manager @Gaurav_Mohanty

Air India Virtual serves hundreds of destinations from India to 31 countries across five continents around the world!

We are a part of @StarAllianceVirtual and have regular events with other Star Alliance member VAs and have weekly premium featuring many star alliance routes.

Air India Virtual aims to organize Weekly Events to engage with our pilots more. That’s not it; our pilots can organize group flights with special multipliers as rewards & unlock new ranks & routes as they fly more.
We also have amazing awards for the most prestigious & dedicated pilots within our VA.

Air India Virtual ensures that our pilots get to fly a diversity of routes. We operate Alliance Air, Air India Express and Indian Air Force routes in the VA and the mighty Air India routes, thus ensuring that every pilot gets to fly the route of their choice!

For More Information, head to our website:


We operate a wide variety of fleets ranging from Dash 8 Q400 to Boeing 747-400.
(AIVA will temporarily operate Dash-8 instead of our subsidiary Alliance Air ATR)


Rank Hours Air India Fleet
Cadet 0 Hours DH8D
First Officer 15 Hours A319
Senior First Officer 50 Hours A320
Captain 250 Hours A321 & B738
Senior Captain 500 Hours B788
Line Training Captain 750 Hours B77L
Commander 1100 Hours B77W
Commander Elite 1500 Hours B744


We have a wide range of fleet ensuring that pilots get to fly beautiful regional routes served by alliance air, mid-range international routes served by Air India Express, to Ultra Long Hauls served by the mighty 777!

AIVA Awards

At AIVA, we have three kinds of awards for pilots who fly for the VA with dedication. The Awards are:

  1. Maharaja Silver Award - Eligibility: The Award is given to the person of the following rank who files the maximum number of PIREPs in a week. Perk- Fly any Air India route for a 1.5x multiplier.
  1. Maharaja Gold Award - Eligibility: This award is given when a person of the following rank files the maximum number of PIREPs in a month and attends the maximum number of events. Perks- Fly any Star Alliance route for a 2x multiplier, get priority departure in VA events, get access to the Maharaja Lounge (Maharaja lounge enables the person to get an event of a route of the pilot’s choice). Additionally, awardees get access to fly VIP routes & any route of their choice from the Air India Charter Database.

See what our pilots have to say about AIVA…

  1. AIVA is one of the best VAs I have ever been a pilot in, everyone in this VA is really friendly, and everyone is treated like one family. From a flying perspective, I really like AIVA’s vast codeshares and, of course, AIVA’s long and ultra-long-range mainline routes.
  1. Air India Virtual is an amazing organization for all of us; the staff here are very friendly and helpful; I’m proud to be A member of Air India Virtual as it is A very well organized VA, hope to see others on board; with us too!
  1. AIVA is one of the greatest VA in the Indian Community; It has one of the largest fleets in Infinite flight in Asia, which allows the pilots to fly with Many routes. From Short Hauls to Ultra Long Haul, flying with AIVA is fun as they have many events, event series and group flights.
  1. When I first joined IFC in the early 2020s (thanks to lockdown), I discovered AIVA & it was my first-ever VA to be a member. Their academy has taught me how to fly professionally & also I came to know the basics from operating an aircraft to following all procedures as IRL. And regarding the Events & Group Flights, mahn oh mahn, the number of pilots participating & the conversations during a flight in Discord, it’s the most memorable one!

Need more reasons to hop in? Scroll down a bit to find out what AIVA offers!

We use our brand new integrated Crew Center developed & designed by vaBase, which includes features like Live Map, Detailed PIREPs, Awards & many more!



A Special Thanks to our Codeshares & Star Alliance Partners, with the help of which we have covered the entire globe.

Operator Region
Air Canada Canada 🇨🇦
Air China China Mainland 🇨🇳
Air Mauritius Mauritius 🇲🇺
Air New Zealand New Zealand 🇳🇿
All Nippon Airways Japan 🇯🇵
Asiana Airlines South Korea 🇰🇷
Austrian Austria 🇦🇹
Avianca Colombia 🇨🇴
Egypt Air Egypt 🇪🇬
Ethiopian Airlines Ethiopia 🇪🇹
LOT Airlines Poland 🇵🇱
Malaysian Airlines Malaysia 🇲🇾
Qatar Airways Qatar 🇶🇦
Saudia Airlines Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦
Sri Lankan Airlines Sri Lanka 🇱🇰
Swiss International Switzerland 🇨🇭
TAP Portugal Portugal 🇵🇹
Thai Airways Thailand 🇹🇭
Turkish Airlines Turkey 🇹🇷
United Airlines United States 🇺🇸



1. You should be at least 14 years old.
2. Should be at least grade 3 and have access to Expert Server.
3. Must have access to discord.
4. Must have a valid Infinite Flight Pro Subscription.

Please note that you must score 70% in order to pass the test. You will receive an email within 48 hours if you pass. If you fail, then you may try again after 1 week.

To join & become one of us, apply directly from the link below or visit our website:

For More Information, check our links below:

IFVARB | Instagram | Website | Apply


Click Here
  • Air India Virtual is a virtual airline that operates in Infinite Flight Mobile Simulator. We are in no way related to Real World Air India.
  • For Codeshare Agreement or Event Partnership, DM us at @AirIndiavirtual or any Executive above!
  1. Special Thanks to @Mafiaviation for helping us with the Thread
  2. Photo Credits: @Andy_R & @if.dallas

Air India Virtual Approved on: 01 January 2019



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