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When the website is going to open,i want to be part of air india virtual

We’re still experiencing issues with the website. We don’t have an estimate of when it will be back as of now but we will update you through DM and on this thread if there are any changes.

ok,i will be waiting, to be part aiva do have to study anything specific?

There will be an entrance test when you pass the initial application process. The test will be about your skills within Infinite Flight and also some questions on Air India.

ok,i think before website was closed ,i applied and gave a test,could u atleast check for me?my

We’ll DM you so we can discuss further.


We still have not received any updates from VaBase regarding our website. We are eagerly waiting for their reply regarding the issue, but if we don’t get a reply in the near future, we will temporarily be switching to Air Table to file pireps and using Google Forms for new pilot applications.

As always, we will update you with any updates on here.

Sorry for the inconvenience,
AIVA Management Team

UPDATE 1500Z, 26th August

We have made contact with VaBase. We will be working with them closely to get the website back up and running very soon.



You can now register as a new pilot, log in as a current pilot, file pireps and have access to all other functions on the website.

Thankfully, there is very good news about the website today.

Once our hosting had been restored, we quickly realised that some of our work including images, website layout and several pages within the website was missing, however, we did not loose any data such as pireps, stats etc. The technical team has been working very hard over night last night to bring the website back to how it was before. You may notice some compatibility issues when browsing through your mobile devices. We are working on that.

A very big thank you to @vansh_purohit and @Alan_S for their work on bringing the website back to life!

You can visit the website at

Thank you for your patience during this time,
AIVA Management Team


Introducing our updated database - September 2019

We’re happy to announce that we have new codeshare agreements with United Virtual and Thai Virtual. These codeshares were there before, but more routes have been added, with direct codeshare with United Virtual.
Some of the most important destinations in our codeshare are:

US Destinations
South American Destinations
South East Asia
Pacific Ocean Islands
New direct flights to Toronto, Indore, Kolkata and Dubai routes.

These routes are now available on the website at

Direct flights to Seoul and Hong Kong are not added as we couldn’t get reliable data about these flights, but will be added in later updates.


We are pleased to announce these recent achievements accomplished by our pilots @Patel_Mayur, @Aashish_Mohammed & @Kintul_Shah.

Mayur has completed his 500th hour for the VA this month as well as doing 100 hours in 30 days.

Aashish has also completed his 500th hour for the VA this month as well as doing 100 hours in 30 days.

Kintul, on the other hand has just recently surpassed his 1000th hour for the VA.

We thank all three of these pilots as well as all the rest of our pilots who contribute their time to fly for the VA with passion and dedication.

Join our team at


I guess seoul - delhi has the route available… Kindly check

Now Hiring!

Air India Virtual are looking for passionate and dedicated people to join our staff team. There are two available positions currently which are Human Resources Manager (HRM) and Flight Supervisor (FS)

The position of HRM involves dealing with public queries on the Infinite Flight Community, Instagram and through our email. You will also be dealing with pilot applications on our website.

The position of FS involves managing pilot reports (pireps) on our website and Slack workspace, handing out awards to exceptional pilots and aiding our Chief Pilot with pilot tests and training.

Experience would be beneficial for both positions but training will be given either way.

Please find below our vacancy form for:



EDIT: Applications have now closed.

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Nice thread. Good luck guys!

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This is a reminder to apply for one of the below positions as soon as possible as applications may close without prior notice.



EDIT: Applications have now closed.

Air India Virtual Presents:

Information will be given through this thread as well as an event thread very soon. Keep an eye out!


I am unable to join through this website as pilot. I have tried to get the submission form website but it is showing me that this application is not accepting any request.
Need help.

Hi @Prashant_Thakur!

Thank you for your message. The registration form should be working now at

Many Thanks

Thank you. It works now.
but I have a doubt. I have just filled the form and submitted it but forgot to give the test.
Can I give the test after submission?

Hey there, I tried filling the registration form as well, it just aaked me my information amd didnt show up the questions at all, and when clicked next it said 0/25 but I wasnt asked the questions at all, please help, I want to join Air India VA!

Same here. @king_ps09