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Air India Va Is Here ,we’re open

~Fly the Indian Wings~

Air India VA is IFVARB approved 06

Air India Virtual Airline was established in 2018, sought to closely simulate real world routes and fleets. We are not associated with any airline yet.In addition, we leverage Air India Codeshare partners, which further diversified our schedules! AIVA attracts and is filled with flight simulating enthusiast/pilots on the Infinite flight mobile gaming simulator. AIVA doesn’t embrace traditional overly strict VA rules; our culture is about having fun, safety, learning, and flying along with professionalism.The Air India Virtual acquisition with many other virtual airlines has allowed AIVA to extend internationally. So what are you waiting for…Come Taste the realism…!

We have a strong staff team along with us who ensures to keep up all the operations and proceedings smoothly.

Executive team

Chief Executive Officer- @racerhell513
Chief operations officer- @indraniel
Chief Information Officer @niks.goen
Senior advisor- @Rohan625
**Chief pilot- @Pranay **

Management team

Human Resources Manager- @PranavGupta
**Flight Supervisor- @Sudipto_B **
Assistant Flight Supervisor- @Nitesh9831
Digital Marketing Manager- @youngblood
Recruitment and Event Manager- @J2S

To know more about our Staff team click here

Being bored of ranking system where pilot have to fly and achieve the aircraft,we have a fully new idea of type rating.How it works?Well,type rating is the real world based system for our pilots where they have to apply and pass their test i.e. practical to achieve their hand to the specified fleer they applied for! Isn’t that cool?Well, join us taste the realism…!

What is Type Rating?
Type rating:A type rating is a regulating agency’s certification of an airplane pilot to fly a certain aircraft type that requires additional training beyond the scope of the initial license and aircraft class training.As a pilot applies for type rating,on his passing he’ll be authorised to fly the aircraft for which he applied.

Initial Workings

When a pilot applies to be recruited in the Air India VA,then he’ll be asked to select one of the two aircraft operating companies i.e. Boeing and airbus.They will be provided by the option of the lowest corresponding fleet of the specified operating company, pilots will have to qualify the theirs first type rating test i.e. For Airbus it’s A319 and for Boeing pilots it’s 738.If in case they are unable to score enough then they’ll be able to re-apply after 48hrs.

Further Proceedings

After the recruitment pilot will be able to fly the applicable aircraft (after qualifying typical rating test )for next 25 hours.On reaching 25 hours they can apply for type ratings and can proceed with the aircraft till they reach 50 hours.

Once the pilot will reach 50 flying hours,then the process of applying type rating will be repeated at every interval of 50 hours.Once the pilot will complete his type rating course for the corresponding operator then he’ll be able to fly all the aircrafts and will reach Commanders rank

We are operators of a wide range of the Boeing & Airbus variants. AIVA Fleet: All Air India routes are filled by Boeing fleets like B787-800,B777-300ER,B777-200LR and a heavy B747-400 as well as Airbus fleets like A321,A320 and A319 which serves domestic and international routes. Air india express fleets like B737-800 also are with us.That’s not yet!We serve many more fleets through our codeshare partnership. Visit our Fleet page to learn more about our codeshare fleet.

Well!You are searching for routes?Then we are your choice!Air India Virtual have more than 1500 routes which allows you to fly throughout the world.Want to have a look?Click here to visit AIVA routes.

Join now and fly throughout the world.

We have incorporated the Code-shared flights which includes both…real life code shares and fictionals.Well what more you want?Starting from TAP To Etihad all code shares are with us which expands our range to all over the world.

Main Operators

Air India
Air India Express

Codeshare Operators

We have incorporated the Code-shared flights which includes both…real life code shares and fictionals.Well what more you want?Starting from TAP To Qatari all code shares are with us which expands our range to all over the world

TAP Air Portugal(Real)-Visit their thread here

• Etihad - Fictional

Air India Virtual Airlines Events allows the pilot to fly and gain some multiple flying hours, and if a pilot join the VA within 48 hour after flying in the event then he can gain double multiplier of his flight time as his first hour counts.
Here are some the AIVA events:

  • Delhi Flyout
  • Longhaul Saturdays
  • Sunday’s Destinations
  • Around the Globe 🌐

We have created a well designed and integrated crewcenter and website which is developed by one of the expert @Artem_F where prior to takeoff pilots can have all the details along with them,which will help them in safe flying.Rather than that,we have over 1500 routes which really matches with real life Air India schedule as well as Codeshares schedule.This makes our website more professional and interesting.Why to waste your time in calculating fuel?We have all thing ready,just book the flight,review briefings and take off into the skies

Its not a big deal to join Air India VA,just meet some of our requirements and you will be there in no time!

  • Pilot should be more than 12 year
  • Pilot should be more than Grade 2
  • Pilot should have access to Slack
  • Pilot should have good standings on IFC

Joining Process:

The joining process of AIVA is very simple and easy:
1.Fill out the Joining Form
2 . You’ll be automatically receive a link to Pre-joining form.
3.After filling out the Pre-Joining form, you’ll automatically receive link to our Slack Channel and it’s that simple.Isn’t it?

Promo Video

Well, here is one of our hard work, hope you all will like it!

Why to wait? Join us Today!


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With addition of 15 + new Pilots under 24 hours,Air India Virtual is growing rapidly.In order to welcome our new pilots AIVA held an Inaugral Event and we were able to keep VIDP and VOMM busy during our event.
Here are some great pictures clicked by our pilots during event.

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Introducing AIVA’s Weekly reports

Hello guys,with growing rapidly!Air India Virtual is happy to release AIVA’s weekly report. This will be released at every weekends of the week detailing many informations and updatesof the VA.

Pilots of the week:

This section will consist names of the Pilots who will have the most hours by the end of the week.Giving opportunities to pilot for getting a shotout here.

Photos of the week:

Many of the pilots at AIVA are good photographers (; .Well,so they have opportunities to get a shout out 📢.

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