Air India uses Infinite Flight in Presentation

This is the best thing I’ve seen all morning lmao. Air India must be needing some new stock footage.

What if? They also use IF to train their pilots. (This is just a joke)

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Hey guys… One thing that you guys don’t realize is that…

They paid for a subscription (like all of us do), they can take screenshots (just like any of us can), and they can distribute how they wish… Just like we have IF Best Photos… They have a presentation board…


oopss… @indraniel leaked it…lol…thats true

Well see its not logically right to speculate things about the airline without any confirmed details and this may put in passengers to think oh boy this Airline is a mess … well you know what as
@Balloonchaser rightly said if they have a subscription why not use it don’t we va"s do to…let’s leave the discussion here.


Unbelievable! The Sim has come so far since I joined and it was created by Laura in the Bay Area. Wonder it other airlines will follow and use Infinite flight in presentations

Wow. Very cool to watch. Thank you a lot for sharing. Prooves how good IF actually is

We didn’t got any information regarding copyright…the one to ask for this is IFLLC so lets wait for the reply…I really appreciate this coz the platform on which we are playing is being featured in a real life airline rather than blaming them for saving production costs and current status :)

Everyone in business goes through loss or profit and so the AI is…and those who really dont know the fact …its because of Politics and thats all.With information I have got from one of the AI pilot is that they are just growing and are still in loss due to remaining debts and I am 95% sure that they are gonna be at the stage again where they were :)

Just adding to above facts, I love India , I love Air India and I am proud to run the VA based on AI…I really don’t care about their current status or anything coz I am sure they will be back to the previous stage :)


I know they are in debt, but they are giving there best to run the airline, and I had seen them running in profit for last three years, they had started a lot of non stop flights to Europe and other countries, and they have some of the best pilots in the world who operates one of the longest flights in the world.

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Is it just me or they took it from here?


if thats the case then @PocketRishi would be aware of this :)


It looks like it but they may have contacted the original owner of the content for usage

Correction, the owner is @PocketRishi

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I would say so, lol:

These are all screen shots from the video linked above. Compare them to the photos up top, they are almost identical.

Man! Air India is cheap😂


Oh ok, i was just pointing it out. Hope they actually contacted him

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Then again both shots used are default camera positions. ie, it’s not hard to reproduce them. However, they look quite similar (lighting/scenery surrounding it)

Edit Actually, yes. They’re exactly the same.


WOW! I was just made aware of this, and seems like the footage was taken from the VIDP-KSFO video. I wasn’t contacted for the matter either. I’m really shocked though that Air India used my video!!


Yeah you could get into some copyright stuff, and hope they settle, or just be happy 😂. It’s definitely not Fair Use though, they used your content (and IF’s) to make profit for themselves without giving you credit that I can see.


You’re right! Not quite sure how to go about it haha. I think they may have an issue with FDS as their sim was used for a non consumer purpose or something like that I guess

Edit: missed the part about Laura being told about this beforehand, though I wasn’t contacted about clips being used from my vid, not sure where this falls


Who would’ve thought a mere mobile game/simulator would make it into a real world airline’s presentations?

Shows how big and famous Infinite Flight is on the aviation community around the world, not just the USA.

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well…thats somewhat I can blame AI for…they were expected to give credit or should ask before presenting it